In February 2011, after getting married to Orland Bloom in June 2010 and moving out with him, Miranda her first apartment in Manhattan on the market in November 2010 for $1,395,000 and then reduced the price by 16% to $1,175,000. She originally bought the apartment in 2006 for $1,084,436
MirandaKerr NYC FP

Old NYC Apartment

and Later, in 2012 until late 2014, she bought another apartment in New York  with a smaller apartment on the same floor, which was being rented and used for Flynn's nanny. Here are some pictures from her old apartments:

Her NEW apartment which is also in New York, was featured in Vogue & ELLE. Also, seen in a photoshoot taken by Emily Weiss on July 12th, 2013.

Emily Weiss - 2013: Vogue (US) November - 2013:
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