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Who (Australia) - March

"Beautiful People" by Steven Lippman Behind The Scenes

Harper's Bazaar (UK) - April

"Baby's Got Blue Eyes" by Michelangelo Di Battista

Cosmo Girl (US) - April

"Beauty Secrets From Victoria's Secret" by Linda Posnick & Russell James

Unknown Magazine - April

by Gavin Rea

V (US) - May

"Powerhouse" by Mario Sorrenti

Cleo (Australia) - May

Madison (Australia) - June

"Model Citizen" by Ben Watts

E.S (UK) - July

"Beach Belle" by Astrid Muñoz

Hello (Spain) - July

by Javier Alonso

PINK (Australia) - July

"Sexy Summer Style" by Jez Smith

Behind The Scenes

by Danielle Smith

The Herald Sun (Australia) - July

by Alex Coppel

The (Sydney) Magazine - July

by Jason Capobianco

Sunday Life (Australia) - August

"In The Moment" by Ben Watts

Behind The Scenes

Ok! (Australia) - August

"Brazil Babe" by Paul Westlake

Grazia (Australia) - August

"Hot, Fast,Tall, Amazing" by Andy Baker

QWeekend (Australia) - August

"Meeting Miranda" by Georges Antoni

Behind The Scenes

GQ (UK) - September 

"In On The Secret" by Gavin Bond

Behind The Scenes

This editorial also features others models & Celebrities...{see full editorial}

Madsion (Australia) - September

"The Victoria's Secret Workout" by Nick Hudson

Confidential (Australia) - September

by Chris Colls

Men's Style (Australia) - Autumn/Winter

by Simon Upton

Cosmopolitan (Australia) - October

by Jon Ragel

FHM (UK) - November

"Sexy Secret" by Nick Leary

Page Six (US) - November

"Orlando Bloom's Sexy Babe" by Tom Corbett

Madison (Australia) - November

"A Super Cause" by Ben Watts, Michelle Holden & Noel Federizo

Ocean Drive (US) - November

"An Angel Takes Flight" by Yu Tsai

Grazia (Australia) - November

by Chris Colls

Flaunt #100 (US) - December

by Frederic Pinet

Jalouse N.116 (France) - December

"Miranda Cares" by Skye Parrott
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