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Vogue (Australia) - January

"Miranda's Secret" by Richard Bailey

Behind The Scenes

Monster Children (Australia)  - January

Glamour (Germany) - February

Vogue (Japan) - February

"Nudes Of The Day" by David Mushegain

This editorial also features model Caroline Winberg... {see full editorial}

Ok! (Australia) - February

by David Mushegain

The Sunday Mail (Australia) - February

"Miranda's Magic" by Adam Armstrong & David Solm

The Herald Sun (Australia) - February

Manuela Cifra

Ben Swinnerton

Grazia (Australia) - February

"Miranda Revs Up" by Harold David

Brisbane Times (Australia) - February

"Taking Kerr of Golden Girl" by Adam Hollingworth

Who (Australia) - February

by David Mushegain

Who (Australia) - April

"100 Most Beautiful People" by Chris Colls

Rolling Stone (Australia) - June

"The Model Citizen" by Carlotta Moye

Who (Australia) - August

by Hugh Stewart

Teen Vogue (US) - August

"Fresh Direct" by Sasha Eisenman

The Sunday Herald Essential (Australia) - August

by Marco Del Grande

The Sunday Herald Sun (Australia) - August

"Miranda Makes A Splash" by Alex Coppel

"Ultimately Happy" by Adam Hollingworth

The Age (Australia) - August

by Joseph Feil

The Adelaide* Magazine (Australia) - September

"Outback Queen" by Hugh Stewart

The Sunday Herald Essential (Australia) - October

by Quentin Jones

by Ryan Crosling

Sunday Telegraph (Australia) - October

by Chris Colls

Kerr-Ching! Style Stakes

GQ (UK) - October

"Paradise Of Parade" by Gavin Bond

Grazia (Australia) - October

"Miranda Hits Back!" by Georges Antoni

Behind The Scenes

Chicago Social (US) - November

"Kerr-Pow" by Steven Sebring

Behind The Scenes

V (US) - November

"Pin Me Up Pin Me Down" by Willy Vanderperre

Harper's Bazaar (Australia) - December

"Miranda's Fashion Fairytale" by Simon Lekias

Behind The Scenes

Glamour (UK) - December

"It's Your Day Off. Dress Like It" by Peggy Sirota

The Sunday Herald (Australia) - December

"Moments Of Magic" by Simon Upton
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