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Mert and Marcus is the working name of two fashion photographers (Mert Alan and Marcus Piggott) who work together on a collaborative basis. Their work and style is influenced by the photographer Guy Bourdin and have pioneered the use of digital manipulation within their field. They were both born in 1974. Mert Alas, born in Turkey and Marcus Piggott, born in Wales, met in England in 1994 after having worked for a brief period in different areas, Alas in classical music and Piggott in graphic design. Piggott was an assistant photographer and Alas was a fashion photo modeler. After working together in the photography business, they decided to create a team. When they showed their first photos to Dazed and Confused, the London fashion magazine, they immediately made the cover. They are known for their portraits of sophisticated, powerful women: "The difference between us and other photographers is that we care a lot about appearance," says Alas. "We spend most of the time in the make-up and hairstyling rooms". 

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