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Chelsea Lately!

November 29th: Miranda graced the Chelsea show for a short presiously taped interview.


May 5th: Miranda graced the Conan show for a short funny interview.


May 10th: Miranda did an appearance on FOX 5, to talk about her post-pregancy weight loss & marriage with Orlando Bloom. The Interview was part of the Victoria's Secret "What is Sexy" tour.

FOX & Friends

Oct 19th: Miranda talks to hosts Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade during a taping of "FOX & Friends" at FOX Studios in New York City, about The Fantasy Bra.


June 1st: Miranda appeared for an interview on MBC wearing Korea’s traditional dress the Han Bok, while her one day visit to Korea.

Project Runway All-Stars

Dec 22nd: Miranda guest stared as judge in the new series.
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