The 15 minutes workout

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she also loves doing resistance training, yoga classes, hiking or going on a bike ride with her son, Flynn. 

Miranda's 15 minute workout

1 minute of push ups

1 minute plank (or 2 x 30 second holds for beginners)

1 minute of squats

1 minute of jumping jacks

1 minute of left leg raises

1 minute of bicycle crunches

1 minute of right leg raises

1 minute bridge (hold 30 seconds, pulse 30 seconds)

1 minute of jumping jacks

1 minute of alternating lunges

1 minute wall sit

1 minute of mountain climbers

1 minute of jumping jacks

Take 30 seconds recovery between each move 


PUSH UPS: Aka press ups this is a move that has never gone out of fashion. Julia explains why: 'Press ups are an awesome all-body move, again you're bracing the core and engaging the abdominal muscles to maintain a straight position, which is great for shredding the belly and at the same time you're sculpting the chest and arms.' 

To do it, start lying flat face down, position your palms face down under your shoulders and then push up so your body is balanced on your hands and toes and your back is straight. Slowly lower and repeat. 

Julia said: 'A minute of push ups would be pretty challenging for most beginners, but you could do them with your knees on the floor instead of your feet if full push ups are too much.' 

THE PLANK: This move engages your core muscles leading to a tighter, flatter stomach. 

Julia explains: 'The plank is one of the best exercises for tightening the tummy because it works the whole midsection of your body, including the deep abdominal muscles. It is also great for improving posture and balance and will build core strength to help you perform better many other exercises.'

Begin by lying flat face down. Position your arms under your shoulders and then rise up onto your forearms so your body is balanced on your forearms and toes and your back is straight. Hold this position for a minute - be warned it isn't easy and you may start to wobble! Hold for 30 seconds to begin with if you are finding it too difficult.

SQUATS: Julia said: 'Squats are among the best exercises you can do to firm up and sculpt the legs and bum and they also work the core and back muscles.' 

Begin from a standing position and then lower your body, bending your knees as if going to sit down in a chair, when your legs reach a right angle to the floor, push back up to standing and repeat.

JUMPING JACKS: From standing, do a star jump splitting your legs apart and then jumping back to bring them together. At the same time, raise your arms up and apart. 

LEG RAISES: Made famous by Jane Fonda, these are great for toning the thighs. Start lying on your side and raise one leg up and back down again.

BICYCLE CRUNCHES: These are a different version of sit ups designed to strengthen the stomach muscles. Lie flat on your back and raise your legs off the floor with your knees bent. Position your arms so your palms are resting behind your ears.

Then bring each leg in towards your stomach in turn and at the same time, raise your upper body, engaging your stomach muscles to pull you up. As you raise, slightly twist to one side so one elbow meets the opposite knee being pulled towards the body. 

BRIDGE: This is another move which will give you a flat stomach and a firm bottom. Lie flat on your back, bend your knees keeping your feet flat on the floor. Then raise your body so your weight is on your feet and upper body and your bottom and lower back is off the floor. Keep your body straight and hold this position. When Miranda says to 'pulse' for 30 seconds, this means holding the position but squeezing your bottom cheeks and thrusting your hips up and down in small movements. 

LUNGES: From standing, take a step forward and lower your body down till the front leg is at a 90 degree angle to the floor, then push back up to standing. For 'alternative' lunges as Miranda recommends, take it in turn to step forward with each leg.

WALL SIT: This is similar to a squat (see above) but done with your back flat against a wall. Once in the squat position, hold it for a minute rather than continually squatting up and down.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: Bend down on the floor with your hands palm down and arms straight and then move your legs in a running motion bringing alternative knees up to the chest and straightening the leg again. 

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